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Arcade Legends
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Quick Overview
  • Game Manufacturer: Ultracade Technologies
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Game Doc Part Number: GDA00037
Product Overview

This is a multi-game developed for the home with around 150 classic 80's and 90's video games in it.  Excellent condition, working great.  Some of the games included: 

1941, 1942, 1943, 64th street, 720, anteater, arlington horse racing, armored car,asteroid deluxe, asteroids, astro invader, astyanax,. avenging spirit, baliman, balthazar, bezerk, black widow, blaster, bombjack twin, bubbles, calipso, captain commando, centipede, commando, cosmic avenger,crystal castles, cybattle, dark stalkers, defender, defender II, EDF, Exed exes, final fight, frenzy, gauntlet, ghosts & goblins, ghouls & ghosts, goal!, golden tee, golden tee II, gravitron, hat trick, hellfire, hoccer, hot shots, joust, joust 2,jumpin jack, karate champ, klax, lady bug, marble madness, mega man, mercs,, millipede, mini golf, missile command, moon cresta, mr do!, mr do's! castles, mr do's! wild ride, nova 2, outzone, P47, paperboy, penguin wars, phoenix, pinball action, pipi and bibis, quantum, quiz and dragons, rampage, rampart, red barron, ring king, red blast, robster, rod land, rootbeer tapper, sebatian bomber, st dragon, satans hollow, sector 7, street fighter, street fighter II, street fighter II turbo, side pockets,  sin star, ram  masters, sno bros, sno bros 2, son son,space panic, speed on, speed, spiker, splat!, spy hunter, street hoops, super bagman, super breakout, super champion dodgeball, super doubles tennis, super street, tag team wrestling, tazmania, tempest, thief, 3 wonders,toobin, tojan, v' ball, varth, vindicator, vulgus,warlord, windjammer, superstars of wrestlefest, yankee do!, zeno wing.