Mill Wax - 16 oz bottle
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Quick Overview
  • Part Name: Mill Wax - 16 oz bottle
  • Game Doc Part Number: GDM00007
Product Overview

Pinball wax. Nothing gives you a smoother shine!

  1. Squeeze Mill Wax onto a cheescloth or rag and not directly on the playfield. Mill Wax is a fairly thick liquid, but you don’t want it to run down into openings, crevices, switches or light sockets.
  2. Scrub your playfield in a circular motion.
  3. Change cloth often so you don't re-distribute dirt from the cloth.
  4. Once clean, apply another light coat of Mill Wax to the entire playfield and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. Once dry, use a clean soft cloth in a circular motion,and buff to a brilliant shine.
  6. Repeat frequently to prevent a dirt build up and to apply a protective wax coat that both protects your playfield and makes for faster play.

**Don't forget to install a fresh pinball to prevent playfield damage from an old, damaged ball.