Checkpoint - Backglass
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Quick Overview
  • Game Title: Checkpoint
  • Part Name: Backglass
  • Game Manufacturer: Data East
  • Release Year: 1991
  • Game Doc Part Number: GDB00063
Product Overview

'NOS' (New Old Stock) refers to a piece of glass that is brand new, never used but might have sustained a tiny bit of wear by being moved around a lot through all these years and all our moves.

*Please note our shipping policy*

We are willing and able to ship a back glass to your home/location.  We ship only in boxes meant to hold glass, usually with Fedex because they seem to be just the tiniest bit gentler and we insure the box for the value of the glass.  Because of all this, we charge a $30 handling charge in ADDITION to the cost of shipping.  You might not think all of these precautions are necessary, but when shipping a unique piece of delicate art work cross the country, indeed it is.

As an ESTIMATE ONLY, figure approximately $25 to the West coast  and approximately $45 for East Coast.

Please email us here:, to get a shipping quote to your area.  Provide us with your full address, whether or not it is a residence and the glass that you are interested in.